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About me

I’m a Programmer and Software Engineer from Germany focused on Systems Programming and genereally also interested in all things Cryptography and Blockchain.

About this blog

This blog’s main intention is to document and put down my thoughts on various topics or the software I build. This makes it easier to ensure that I’m not making as many errors compared to when I just collect markdown notes on my cloud drives and let them collect dust

Impressum / Contact

  • Phone: +49 (0) 1525 8906 782
  • E-Mail: contact@timschuster.info
  • E-Mail Business: b@timschuster.info
  • Address: Auf der Ebene 18, 86459 Gessertshausen, GERMANY

Other links & notes

Referal Links & Shilling

Below you find various referal/shill links for services I use. I get credit, you get credit, everyone is happy :3


I am registered as independent small business in Germany, performing software development, SaaS and hard-/software repairs.